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Christian counsellor Sydney

Hi, my name is Jessica Joseph and I  a Clinical Counsellor.

I specialise in complex-trauma and attachment wounds, grief & loss, relationship issues, & faith-based Christian counselling for adult individuals.

My style of counselling is relational, creative, integrative and holistic, with a primary focus on attachment needs and emotions and how we create meaning from our lived experiences. From a place of deep compassion, empathy and non-judgment, I incorporate a mix of interactive, experiential, and traditional therapies and interventions in my work.


Our early attachment relationships are formative and therapy is a place where we can rediscover our relationship with ourselves and others. From a place of curiosity and compassion, I am committed to journeying with clients to heal old wounds & cultivate self-compassion. Clients can expect to rekindle their potential and reconnect with their strong, whole and authentic selves.

I am also a committed Christian whose years of experience in corporate work and pastoral care complements the way I care for all my clients. I am able to utilize a faith-based approach for Christian clients if that is what they desire.

Learn more about my story & my counselling approach >>>


We all have a story to share

You can tell yours

I believe that the meaning of our lives is shaped as much by our choices, as they are by the stories we tell about them — and that therapeutic conversations are where both can start to change.

People seek counselling for many valid and varied reasons. Life's crossings, or challenges, can be wrought with emotions that can become too tangled to separate.

You may be seeking to heal from trauma inflicted upon you through no fault of your own. You may be stuck in difficult relationships and want to understand why. You may be going through pain and heartbreak feeling like no one understands.


Healing happens through safe connection. This is where I can help. Together, we can work on understanding your story so far and where you want to go next.


I look forward to meeting you, 



What clients say

I’ve suffered from depression and alcohol addiction since I was a child, and hadn’t been able to move forward because I kept reliving the trauma. Jess tapped into my visual way of thinking and used methods that helped me see things clearly and put words to what I was feeling. She educated me on how the mind works and how it reacts to trauma. I’ve seen many counsellors, and Jess has probably had the biggest impact on my recovery. I might still look back with sadness, but I no longer need to relive things and feel lost. I’m a better functioning wife and mum, I find so much more joy in my family life, I have reconnected with friends, and can even enjoy closeness and intimacy again with my husband without the panic. Thank you so much, Jess!
~ KH
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Before you make an initial booking, please visit the NEW CLIENTS page to book a free15-minute phone conversation to check my availability to take on new clients & whether we can work together.

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