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Jessica Joseph Counsellor

Christian counsellor Sydney

Jess offers trauma-informed counselling & psychotherapy for adult individuals. Her areas of particular interests are complex trauma, grief and loss, relationship issues and faith-based Christian counselling.

Her style of counselling and psychotherapy involves an integrative and holistic approach, with a primary focus on emotions and how we create meaning from our lived experiences. From a place of empathy and non-judgement, she incorporates a mix of creative, experiential, and traditional therapies and interventions in her work. 


She believes that the relationship we have with ourselves & others are key ingredients to our emotional health & wellbeing. Her belief that healing happens in relationships is at the heart of her therapy work. She is committed to working with clients to cultivate self-compassion & empower them towards rediscovering their strong, whole, and authentic selves.

Jess is also a committed Christian whose experience of corporate work and pastoral care complements the way she cares for all her clients. She is able to utilize a faith-based approach for Christian clients if that is what they desire.

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Almost anyone can benefit from counselling. People seek counselling for many valid and varied reasons. Life's crossings, or challenges, can be wrought with emotions that can become too tangled to separate. Sometimes the ways we usually try to cope are not working. We can feel low, lost, and confused when we find ourselves at crossroads. We may need extra support to cross the path towards positive change in ourselves or in our relationships. We may need help healing our emotional wounds


People often find that talking with a counsellor who aims to be empathic, objective, and non-judgemental can help them gain relief, clarity, hope, and confidence to face life's inevitable crossings and explore possible ways of moving forward.


I believe that lasting change starts with knowledge and is sustained through relational support within communities and social networks. In addition to counselling services, I also provide small group information seminars and workshops for communities, workplaces, and general public. The topics are aimed at increasing awareness and promoting the mental health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities. Depending on the topic, I am able to provide a Christian perspective for members of faith-based communities.


Please chat to me to discuss how I can cater to your needs or to find out about any upcoming events.


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