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Workshops are opportunities for learning to happen in a supportive and relational environment, are launching pads for continued discussion, and fosters unity that comes through shared language and experiences.

Workshops can not only be fun and interactive, they are aimed to increase awareness and promote mental health and wellbeing. They can be tailored to integrate a Christian perspective for faith-based communities. 


It is my hope that as people feel more confident and equiped to care for others, those who are struggling can find someone within their circles to reach out to in times of need.


What clients say

This is the first mental health seminar I've attended that incorporated Christian teaching. As a Christian myself, I found this very helpful and the content provided in the seminar made a clear practical connection between mental health and the bible. Very useful and relavant to my own personal experiences.
~ attendee of Mental Health seminar at a local church

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Mental Health

Grief & Loss

Domestic Violence

Depression & Anxiety


Singleness & dating

Grief and coping during COVID-19

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