About Jess


I completed a Masters of Counselling specializing in Relationship Counselling at Morling College in Sydney. I work as a private practitioner in North Parramatta. I am also a counsellor at an organisation that works with clients with complex trauma.


Having a background in Biochemistry, I have held a fascination with human functioning and neurobiology. But, I was merely scratching the surface as neither provided an adequate explanation of how we make meaning of our experiences. I came across Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) in 2015 and it filled in many gaps. I started to study and explore the deep connection between the human mind, emotions, and body and integrate it into my work and life.


In my own personal and professional journey of grief and loss, depression, anxiety, and shame, I began to recognize the importance of our emotional experience in self-awareness, healing and the ability to be our authentic selves and live our best lives. Instead of pathologizing symptoms as needing to be fixed, I view them as non-verbal communication that can be addressed from a place of curiosity and self-compassion. 


This paradigm shift is both challenging and rewarding. In my personal and professional experience, I have found that working with old attachment wounds and our underlying emotions, even those that are difficult, can help us understand the 'heart' of our emotional experience and unlock the potential of connection, creativity, compassion and confidence that is already within all of us. It can empower us to rediscover and live our strong, whole, and authentic selves, and strengthen our relationships.


Christian Counsellor



  • Masters of Counselling (Morling College), specialising in Relationship Counselling

  • Prepare-Enrich facilitator (a pre-marriage and marriage enrichment course)

  • PACFA and ARCAP registered at Clinical level

  • Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA) registered at Clinical level

  • Bachelor of Commerce/Science (combined) at UNSW





I have completed extensive study in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) and trauma-informed counselling. My areas of specialisation include counselling for survivors of complex trauma, attachment and relationship counselling, grief and loss, and faith-based Christian counselling.


Other extended professional development training includes areas such as:​​

  • Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Domestic Violence (Lifecare)

  • Trauma-Informed Care and Practice

  • The Body Remembers: Integrating Mind and Body for Trauma Recovery with Janina Fisher

  • When Words Are Not Enough: How to Engage the Body to Disrupt Entrenched Patterns with Pat Ogden

  • Grief Across the Lifespan (Centre of Existential Practice)

  • Grief and Liminality: Living and Working with the State of 'In-Between (Centre of Existential Practice)


I maintain the highest level of ethical conduct and professional standards as a counsellor by receiving on-going professional development training and regular clinical supervision that meet PACFA requirements.




My Approach

EMOTION-FOCUSED: Emotions are at the heart of my approach to counselling. I believe that there are no "bad emotions" -- all emotions are valid and our bodies' means of communication. I am committed to creating a safe holding space to support you to explore, experience and express your deepest emotions. I encourage you to be your most authentic self personally and in your relationships.


PEOPLE-FOCUSED: I take the time to get to know my clients and relate to them as people. I see your whole person; not just a problem to be solved or fixed. I take the time to understand you and your needs and work in partnership with you towards achieving your goals.


INTEGRATIVE: I recognise that your story and journey is unique. There is no "one size fits all". I use an integrated and holistic approach that incorporates a mix of creative and traditional therapies and interventions, including Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Attachment Theory, Family Systems Theory, Creative/Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Somatic Therapy to provide trauma-informed counselling & psychotherapy.


RESPECTFUL: I respect your autonomy, values and beliefs by tailoring counselling towards your needs and what is comfortable for you. I enjoy working with all kinds of people and my clients include Christians and non-Christians and come from different ages, backgrounds, cultures, spiritualities, and stages of life. It is one of the things that makes counselling so rich and rewarding.


CLIENT-CENTERED: I see you as the expert of your own story and journey. I walk with you at a pace that is comfortable for you. I am committed to creating a safe, non-judgement and caring space for you. I collaborate with you to understand what your potent issues are, upholding their self-worth and autonomy in decision-making and working towards change. I empower you through a process of self-discovery and awareness in order to build up your strengths and potential.


HOPEFUL: Whatever your situation, I always look for hope. I do not overlook the courage it takes to be willing to take steps towards change. I truly believe that given the right emotional support, every person is capable of and has the capacity to change and heal from past wounds.


My vision is to help people better understand themselves and their experience, instill hope and confidence to cross life's invariable disappointments and challenges, and help them discover possible ways of moving forward. 


When we have the courage to walk into our story & own it, we get to write a brave new ending.

Brene Brown