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Christian Counselling

Christian counsellor

Our faith and spirituality form a vital part of who we are and how we choose to live. Many Christians seek a counsellor who respects and aligns with their faith values and beliefs.

My faith story


I was introduced to Jesus through a friend from high school. I saw the way that she lived out her faith and how it impacted her, and I wanted that for myself. As I grew to understand more about God's love for me in Jesus, I committed my life to him and have not looked back since. Through becoming actively involved serving God's people in the local and inter-church ministries, God gave me a heart for caring for others, which led me to explore the world of pastoral care and counselling.


My heart as always been to integrate faith with professional practice for Christian clients, which is why I choose to study my Masters of Counselling at Morling College, a Bible college in Sydney. I believe in the presence of the Holy Spirit as two or more gather. God is living and active and uses our every day situations, even our suffering and hardships, to grow, change, and restore us. My Christian faith informs my practice in the way view and care for people. I also respect the autonomy, spirituality, and values of my clients and never impose my own worldview, whether or not they share my faith.


I have also completed a ministry internship training at my local church and am actively involved in the worship ministry. Over the years, I have served in pastoral care and leadership roles, including young adults and women's discipleship groups.


Christian counselling involves integrating faith and the Word of God with other complementary modalities in a way that it fits comfortably for you. Almost any individual or relationship issue can be approached through a faith-based lens.

Guidance for pastors and ministry leaders

Missionary debriefing

Conflict resolution and peacemaking

Setting boundaries to avoid burnout

Singleness and dating

Navigating dating for Christian couples

Pre-marriage counselling (Prepare-Enrich) with a biblical lens

Recovery from spiritual abuse

Mental health & faith


If you are a pastor or Christian leader and would like to find out more, please chat with me to find out about how I can serve you and your church community and leadership team.


...suffering produces perseverance; 

perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Romans 5:23-24
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