Pre-Marriage Relationship Counselling


As the saying goes: "Prevention is better than cure". It is worth investing in your relationship now -- a strong foundation can make all the difference to a meaningful and lasting relationship. Pre-marriage counselling functions as an immunisation that boosts your capacity to handle potential difficulties. 


Prepare-Enrich helps prepare engaged couples for their first years of marriage and married couples to refresh and revitalise their commitment to each other. It is an online assessment tool designed for committed couples, whether they have been together for 1 or 61 years. Couples can expect to gain self-awareness and insight into their relationship and be equipped with tools to improve your relationship.


I offer a package of 3 sessions. The couple will complete an online Prepare-Enrich assessment prior to the first session, which will generate reports for us to work through during our time together. 

*The standard rate for the sessions will include an additional $46 fee to access the online assessment on the website.

I offer discounted rates for engaged couples who are referred to us by their faith-based organisations. Concessions may be given for students or concession card holders. Please have a chat with me to discuss your options.

Marriage is not a competition.

Marriage is the completion of two souls.