Couple & Relationship Counselling

Couple/relationship counselling can cover issues such as (but not limited to):

  • Affairs - working through the discovery & rebuilding trust

  • Communication issues

  • Conflict resolution

  • Different expectations - personal, family & cultural

  • Grief & loss of children

  • Losing love & connection

  • Pre-marital preparation & counselling

  • Marriage enrichment


Couple counselling encompasses romantic relationships such as dating, engaged, married, or de facto.



At some points in a relationship, couples may find themselves stuck on issues or unhelpful patterns of relating that disrupt the emotional bond between them. This often happens when life gets busy and stressful or during major transitions in the relationship. Couples can struggle to mend the relationship and feel like they are growing further apart and lose sight of the love they feel they once shared. Communication breaks down and the couple does not feel heard or understood.


One of the common core issues is how the emotions that drive each partner's behaviour are communicated. This causes misunderstanding, inability to resolve conflict, and a decrease in intimacy, which can result in affairs, separation, and divorce.


A couples counsellor can help partners begin to communicate openly and honestly about their feelings so that they can begin to repair the relationship.


Whatever has happened, as a couples counsellor/marriage counsellor, I always look for hope. I never tell a couple that I am writing off their relationship. However, saving and healing a relationship does depend on two partners capable and willing to being open and making a commitment to personal change, whatever it takes. 


Sometimes, the reality may be that the couple cannot continue together without further emotional damage. The goal then becomes one of how to respectfully end the relationship, or how to have an amicable relationship while separated.


In couple counselling/marriage counselling, the relationship is the client and the goal is to help you work towards the most satisfying outcome for your relationship. This is achieved by helping each partner grow to understand themselves, break out of destructive communication patterns and learn better ways of communicating so that they can heal from emotional wounds and develop a deeper, more accepting, trusting, and satisfying relationship. 



As the saying goes: "Prevention is better than cure". It is worth investing in your relationship now -- a strong foundation can make all the difference to a meaningful and lasting relationship. Pre-marriage counselling functions as an immunisation that boosts your capacity to handle potential difficulties. 


Prepare-Enrich helps prepare engaged couples for their first years of marriage and married couples to refresh and revitalise their commitment to each other. It is an online assessment tool designed for committed couples, whether they have been together for 1 or 61 years. Couples can expect to gain self-awareness and insight into their relationship and be equipped with tools to improve your relationship.


Prepare-Enrich involves *four sessions: an initial session for us to get to know you and your situation and three subsequent sessions post-assessment for us to work through the generated reports together.

*The standard rate for the sessions will include an additional $42 fee to access the online assessment on the website.

We offer discounted rates for engaged couples who are referred to us by their faith-based organisations. Concessions may be given for students or concession card holders. Please have a chat with me to discuss your options.

Marriage is not a competition.

Marriage is the completion of two souls.


The Crossing provides individual counselling, relationship counselling and marriage counselling in North Parramatta.

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