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Pre-Marriage Relationship Counselling


Prevention is better than cure

It is worth investing in your relationship now -- a strong foundation can make all the difference to a meaningful and lasting relationship. Pre-marriage counselling functions as an immunisation that boosts your capacity to handle potential difficulties. 


I am an accredited Prepare-Enrich facilitator and qualified relationship counsellor. Prepare-Enrich helps prepare engaged couples for their first years of marriage and married couples to refresh and revitalize their commitment to each other. 

What is Prepare-Enrich?

Prepare-Enrich is a leading relationships inventory and skills-building program used nationally and internationally. It is built on solid research foundation and is tailored towards a couple's relationship and provides practical tools to build relationship skills.

What does the package include?

  • $500 for three 60-minute customised sessions with me

  • Access to an online assessment by Prepare-Enrich which the couple will complete before the first session

  • Couple Report outlining key relationship strength & growth areas

  • Access to the Prepare-Enrich Couple Workbook with relationship exercises

  • Customised supplementary exercises & handouts prepared by me from my years of experience working with couples

*This excludes an additional $42 fee to Prepare-enrich to access the online assessment on their website.

marriage counselling

Why prepare for marriage?

While we may know that relationships take hard work and commitment, we are never truly prepared until we arrive. Pre-marriage preparation can help you gain awareness of any unrealistic expectations you may hold, or ways of relating that you have learnt from growing up that helped you cope in the past but are ineffective to build a healthy, intimate relationship. Understanding ourselves better ultimately equips us to bring our best selves into one of our most significant relationships.



  1. Explore your relationship strengths and growth areas
    Every relationship has its own strengths and challenges. Prepare-Enrich will give you a customised Couples Report which outlines the unique strengths and areas of growth for your relationship. We will go through the report together so you can get a birds-eye view of the overall health of your relationship.

  2. Receive feedback on your relationship by an unbiased professional
    I am a qualified PE facilitator and couples therapist. I work from a strength-based approach to discover and honour the strengths and resources you alrea
    dy possess, as well as guide you through exercises to help yon develop new skills.

  3. Have a safe & intentional space for you to discuss key areas of your relationship together
    Life can get so busy that we can forget to create times to check-in with our beloved. Marriage is a life-changing step. Carve out this time together to engage with your partner on a deeper level and prepare we
    ll for the lifelong journey ahead.

  4. Learn key skills relational skills
    Communication and conflict resolution are essential ingredients to a successful marriage. Some of us may have grown up in families where these were not modelled to us in healthy ways. We will have learn the importance of effective communication and have fun putting them into practice.


  5. A starting point for open communication and relationship goals
    While PE is not meant to be diagnostic of relationship success of failure, it gives you a head start to plan and set goals for your life togeth


To be fully seen by somebody, then, and to be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.
Elisabeth Gilbert

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