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Online Video Counselling

Online counselling

Online video counselling provides a convenient and effective way for you to access my counselling services if you are, for whatever reason, unable to attend a face-to-face appointment.

I use Zoom for online meetings. Zoom is a secure, end-to-end encrypted online platform that is utilised by many organisations and is easy to join and use. Skype and FaceTime are also available if you have a strong preference for either. 


My preference is for video counselling over phone counselling as it maintains a level of human connection that is important in the therapeutic relationship. However, if you prefer not to meet online, I also offer phone counselling as an alternative.


Common Questions

Are online and phone counselling sessions confidential?

Absolutely. Just like face-to-face counselling, maintaining client confidentiality and safety is a high priority.

What if I am worried about using technology?

It is understandable to feel this way when trying something for the first time. I will be available to guide you if you get stuck.

Is online counselling effective?

I have been providing online counselling since the start of my practice. While it may limit the use of creative elements in the session (simply because the tools are not as readily available in the room), it is a good alternative to face-to-face counselling -- better to get help than none at all. Some people find that it is less intense having the physical separation. Others prefer the comforts of their own private space.



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